See the future differently

We use the power of storytelling in film and TV to create new narratives for the climate crisis. We provide a platform for diverse human stories about how we can navigate through this collective challenge together.

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Climate change is a cultural challenge

The solutions to the climate crisis already exist. But most people do not know this. Bombarded with a daily diet of doom and despair - we are frozen with fear. We need new stories that empower us all to imagine and then bring about a sustainable future.
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Stories make us
think differently

Humans are hardwired to remember stories. Fictional narratives have immense power to shape social norms and reach audiences that would otherwise switch off.
what we do

Climate support 
for film and TV

We work at the intersection of expertise in the screen industry and climate solutions. We collaborate closely with the gatekeepers of the film and TV industry to help compelling climate narratives reach mainstream audiences. We inform, inspire and incentivise content makers to explore climate stories in a more hopeful and impactful way.

We're changing how the world sees climate change

We work with the screen industries to create film and TV content that shifts climate narratives and reaches mainstream audiences.
Climate Spring