Climate Spring harnesses the storytelling power of the screen to shift how society perceives and responds to the climate crisis.

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Our Mission

Climate Spring is a global organisation with the aim to harness the storytelling power of film and TV to shift how society perceives and responds to the climate crisis. Working closely with screen industry partners, gatekeepers, commissioners, creatives and producers, Climate Spring identifies climate stories with potential to be developed into mainstream film and TV content.

Led by a collective of screen industry and climate experts, Climate Spring offers early-stage development funding for scripted and unscripted content; high-level pro-bono editorial consulting on the climate elements of feature film and TV projects for writers, commissioners and producers; training and writers development opportunities as part of Climate Spring’s The Hot House and World Building programmes; and support in moving a project from idea to distribution.

By informing, inspiring and incentivising creatives, Climate Spring supports the creation of new screen narratives and stories about how we can navigate the climate crisis together, empowering us all to imagine a different future.

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Our Offering


Development Funds

We invest in the development of the most promising projects that we come across, primarily as partners to established production companies. To stimulate new ideas, we produce story briefs which we ask production companies to respond to.


Editorial Consultation

We provide pro bono script consulting on the climate elements of feature film and TV projects. Our experienced development team works with you to provide bespoke editorial advice and input which fits your needs and project. We help with all projects related to climate, whether it is at the centre of the storyline, a supporting storyline, or simply part of the world the story is set within.


Community Building

We bring film and TV industry talent together to build an engaged community that connects like-minded individuals, and aim to provide a platform for sharing experiences about climate conversations and content creation across the screen industries.

We engage with actors, writers, directors and producers through hosting regular events, compiling and sharing resources as well as through our monthly newsletter.


Training and Research

We are at a unique intersection of climate, the creative industries and philanthropy. We are using our role to create insights and evidence and to train and support industry experts and other organisations wishing to engage creative industries in better storytelling. We also work to ensure our insights and evidence support the climate community to better engage the public.


Writer Development Programme

The Hot House is Climate Spring’s writer development programme with the aim to support writers and content makers from backgrounds currently underrepresented in our community. Each year we run two writer development initiatives: our Hot House Development Lab for feature length TV and film projects, and Hot House: Shorts, a development award for a short film.

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World Building Programme

Our World Building programme brings together world building film experts with futurists and climate experts, to create sandboxes for stories to be set in a near future in which we have addressed the climate crisis meaningfully. We have found this is the greatest gap for creatives - imagining our world without fossil fuels and polluting practices. Harnessing world building pros with climate experts helps bring that to life for creatives.

Our Values

Stories not stats

We love TV and cinema and are passionate advocates for the power of stories. We believe the best way to change how millions of people see climate change is through fictional film and TV.

Hopeful narratives

We use culture to envision new futures and inspire new ways of thinking. Helping change the climate narrative from doom to possibility, powerlessness to agency and inevitability to action.

Connecting dots

Radical change requires radical collaboration. We connect dots between creatives, climate experts and commercial partners so that compelling climate content gets made and seen.

Diverse storytelling

We work across the spectrum of narrative content - from TV to live action and animation - and aim to represent diverse voices and perspectives. Climate is everyone’s challenge.

How stories work

Did you know that fictional narratives have a greater impact than any other form of media? Find out more about the power of stories in changing social norms.