Report: New Brave World | Pop Change

Read this report on the power, opportunities and potential of pop culture for social change in the UK.

Report: New Brave World | Pop Change

Report: New Brave World: The Power, Opportunities and Potential of Pop Culture for Social Change in the UK

In 2017 the previous report in this series, Riding the Waves, analysed how pop
culture has the potential to catalyse social change in the UK. It was a scoping study exploring the themes of representation, authenticity, normalisation, narratives, novelty and relationships within the UK’s cultural landscape. But, as the name suggests, it was at the surface level of the waves, rather than the waters beneath. This report dives deep into the narrative ocean. We explore the power of cultural currents, the opportunities to harness narrative power through content on television, and we begin to shine a light on the vast, unexplored potential of pop culture for social change.

Read the full report here.

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